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As I was logging into WordPress today I noticed a blog called LittleBig was being featured for its post on Library Apps. Having got myself an iPhone just last week I am discovering the wonderful world of Apps, and seeing this post specifically about library and book apps seemed like a sign. I immediately downloaded Library (Big Button Designs) as it allows you to build a library of books references which you want to read, are reading, and have read (and inputted two books which I had scribbled into my diary yesterday while in Waterstones!). What would be lovely would be if I could just scan in the book in some way rather than typing in the title – is this possible anyone? I also downloaded Library (Double Tapp App) as it zeros in on your location and then points you to libraries nearby – I always feel more secure knowing where a Library is.

Next I checked Google for other Library Apps to see if there was anything else which could make my life easier and came across The WikiMan and Librarian in Black who have both done posts about Apps which may be of interest to Librarians and book lovers. Finally I stumbled onto the Online Education Database which talks about Apps for Educators, which also had some fun Apps, including Starmap which I can already see the main cause of my iPhone running out of battery.

So, as a newbie to this world of Apps, I am least happy in the knowledge that I can know how far away the closest library is at any time, but I feel sure there are some amazing library, bookish and technology based Apps out there. Anyone care to share any of their favourites with NewT?

Post by: Catherine Robertson

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3 Responses to Library Apps

  1. Paige Roberts says:

    Thank you for your roundup of library apps. Have you seen OCLC’s Worldcat Mobile app? It’s still very clunky as the comments indicate, but at least it’s a start to searching collections of many libraries.

  2. Helen Leech says:

    I believe there’s at least one app that allows you to scan a book’s barcode to instantly upload title, author etc. Delicious Library is the one I’m thinking about – I’m willing to bet there are loads of others!

  3. Ginny says:

    Google Goggles is supposed to work on book covers. You take a photo then the app searches Google Books etc for info. I haven’t used it yet myself but I suspect that you could add the info to your Google Books library; if not right now then soon.

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