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So, I’m at the CILIP building website for mobile phones day, and I have just created a mobile friendly version of this blog using a service called Mippin – which you can find at  once you get to the Mippin site select Use App Factory then Mippin mobilizer.  You can convert any webpage to a mobile friendly one as long as it has an RSS feed.  It is free and very easy to use. You can click on the Mippin button at the top of this post to see what an end result looks like.

Mappin only allows you to create a site for an individual RSS feed but you could use the Google Bundle facility in order to turn a number of RSS feeds into one feed, which you can then create a Mippin site for.  You can find some instructions for Google Bundle here:

Post by : Lisa Anderson

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2 Responses to Mobile Library – Mippin

  1. Janet says:

    Hi Lisa, I was next to you at the course yesterday and had no idea that it was you that produce this blog which I find very useful and interesting. I hope you manage to make use of everything we learned.
    Janet Corcoran (Imperial)

    • newtbham says:

      Hi Janet,

      I think there must have been another Lisa here yesterday as I’m on the course as I type this. Some one from my uni, was here yesterday – maybe it was her you meet (she isn’t called Lisa). Glad you like the blog, I’m hoping CILIP have something nice for lunch now as we are all starting to fade 🙂

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