Embed Plus – for quick You Tube edits and extra playback functionality.

 A few weeks ago I mentioned how you can use the Snip.Snip.It service to clip You Tube videos to the section that you want.

 There is another service called Embed Plus that allows you to do this and more.

 Rather than just allowing you to snip your You Tube video it also allows you to freely add more features to the playback facility.   For example it allows you to create a scene skipping facility so that a user can easily skip through each section of the video (you just input the start and end times of each section), so you could direct students to just view a certain scene, for example I could tell a student to skip to Scene 2 of this video to find out how to use the self-issue machines: http://bit.ly/i01VM6  You just use the Next button to skip between scenes.  I did notice that I had trouble using the Prev button to skip back to the scene before.   It also allows you to annotate the video so that a small text balloon will appear for the time you have set it for.  In this video, I added a piece of text to explain what the next scene would be about.  

 It also allows the user to put the video into slow motion, and to zoom in on it.  The latter of which could be useful for those with some visual impairment.  

 As with Snip.Snip.It you can also do a simple edit by adding the times of the video that you want it to start and stop from, so if I just wanted to let a user know about the eLibrary I could just show them this video: http://bit.ly/gkLLYQ  

 To get started just go to: http://www.embedplus.com/  and click the Get Started button, all you then need to do is paste in the You Tube share url for the video that you want to edit/add more features to.  The end result is some raw html code, and a bit.ly link.  I was able to copy and paste the raw html code into WebCT so that I could easily share the video with a student group.

The producers of EmbedPlus are keen to hear of any ideas that you have that could help to improve this as a teaching tool, so please add any ideas to the comments area of this post.  

Post by : Lisa Anderson

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