join me! – making distance reference enquiries easier

I have just discovered join me – a free service with no registration needed that allows you to share your desktop just by sending an email and clicking a link. 

It is very easy to use:

  • Click on the orange arrow to “share”, this generates a “join me” pop up
  • Within the join me pop-up, click to “send viewer link by email” – this creates an email in outlook that you can address to your colleague/student/friend/whoever you wish to share your screen with.
  • Once your colleague/student/friend/whoever has opened the email and clicked on the link they will then have a “join me” window where they can see your screen. 

There are other functions to enhance your experience, e.g. chat, and share control. 

To close the session simply click on the X and confirm.

I am planning to use this with the telephone to run remote clinics for students needing subject specialist help, to help users on campus with Reference Manager queries, and to show stuff to colleagues – saving time by avoiding having to plan meetings.  I am sure there are many other possibilities for using this fantastic facility!

Posted by: Vicky Wallace

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