What would our “library of the future”wishlist include?

Could I ask NEWT members to think about the question above and compile a list (via Lisa) of anything no matter how obvious; “blue sky”, expensive or fanciful.
The reason I ask is this; as part of the wider discussions around the future of the Main Library it became apparent that an academic colleague had submitted a proposal for consideration under the Circles of Influence campaign for what he had called “Library 2.0”. I met with him yesterday to find out exactly what he was hoping the proposal would achieve. The action we agreed was to pull together what I have termed a “wishlist”.
I immediately thought of building on the RFID capacity we are building into the collections ( smartblades and mobile apps etc), Lisa’s first thought was Augmented reality.
The really interesting thing was that the colleague in question was from Computer Science and asked the question what would we want to have that doesn’t exist yet? So I hope you can spare a little time to put your creative thinking caps on.
I will ask Lisa to invite me along to the next meeting of NEWT. This is all very vague I know, and who knows where it might lead…

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2 Responses to What would our “library of the future”wishlist include?

  1. newtbham says:

    To anybody else who reads this bog, please add comments here on what you would ask for – think big!


  2. newtbham says:

    I forgot to say we will post our list once we have it!


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