Current wish-list for how we would like to see new technologies improve our Library Services

In a post a few weeks back the NewT Group were tasked with thinking of what we would like for the future if money and skill was no obstacle.  This gave us a real chance to consider our ‘ideal world’ tools.  The tools that we wanted didn’t have to exist in reality at the present moment in time.  We promised that we could share this list on the blog, so please find our ideas below:

Greater use of RFID, Augmented Reality and Geo-location tools:

  • To track what are users are doing in the Library and how they navigate the Library.
  • For users to be able to issue, discharge and renew books via their own portable devices e.g. mobile phones.
  • To keep records of which items are removed from the shelves for a longer than a 5 minute period – to get in-house usage information.
  • To track how long it is taking for an item to go from being returned to being re-shelved in the correct location. 
  • To be able to track books to their correct shelf with a library sat nav tool.
  • To be able to track service points, roving help, toilets and vacant PCs via a library sat nav tool. 
  • To have an augmented reality tool that will provide information about what is held in a certain room etc and/or give directions to service points and facilities. 

Statistical systems:

  • To gain information on which materials are being used together in the Library e.g. is there regular use of students using two subject areas within the library that are shelved far apart – could we bring those subjects physically closer?
  • To find greater information about how loan usage, and which loan usage creates students attaining first class honour degrees and how this differs to those gaining the lower awards.

Other suggestions:

  • A co-browsing service that would allow Library staff to take over a student’s computer in order to be able to help them.  Preferably with a video streaming system to allow for face time. 
  • Game/App to encourage students to work through a number of small tasks that would lead them to gaining IL skills.
  • Virtual and automated enquiry service.
  • Video streaming service. 

For the new physical space:

  • For all work stations to include charging points both for 3 pin socket items and USB items.
  • Laptop bolts included as part of the work stations. 
  • A high-tech facilities room for Art and Music students.


Improved provision for disabled students to they are able to work in a wider range of study spaces.  Purchase of portable scanners that can be loaned to students for use anywhere in the library for text to audio / clearer font purposes. 

Post by: Lisa Anderson

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2 Responses to Current wish-list for how we would like to see new technologies improve our Library Services

  1. Luc says:

    Check out unblu for co-browsing. the easiest way to support your visitors…

  2. Sarah Pittaway says:

    Re: improved provision for students with disabilities: Huddersfield have had a refurb quite recently and have improved their provision with simple measures like adjustable work stations and issue desks / self-issue machines at both seated and standing height.

    I also just came across “library trollies” (more wheelie baskets really!) for students to carry their books around the library in! Not exactly a new technology but possibly a nice idea!

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