Ebooks on fire – the risks for the future

As librarians we are all very aware of the risk of books being on fire and this article shows us how ebooks are still very susceptible to destruction.  The main destroyer highlighted is the fact that most e-book content is leased rather than owned (though sellers are implying that you are owning rather than leasing) and so content can easily be removed from devices.  This could lead to controversial works being deleted from history, or so many edits to a work made over time that the original is lost forever.  For those of us who see our roles as the protection of the written work for future generations this article highlights some real concerns.

Ebooks on Fire

Post by: Lisa Anderson
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One Response to Ebooks on fire – the risks for the future

  1. Thomas Malthus says:

    I am surprised that this is the only perceived risk. I see all our knowledge being wiped and unavailable to future generatiions for two simple reasons. Digital technology has a fundamental achilles heel. It requires power and it’s sensitive to electrical interference. We are rapidly entering a world where are future energy resources are very far from certain. Some would argue that we have already commenced the downhill slide. At the same time all our knowledge accumulated over the last few thousand years is being committed to a medium that may very well be unavailable in the next 20 years. That’s what I call the arrogance and stupidity of mankind.

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