Wireless Charging

There was a very interesting section on the BBC Click programme on wireless charging this week: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b01f9n76/Click_24_03_2012/ The section on wireless charging is about 14 minutes in.  Of course the charging isn’t really wireless as you still need your original source of electricity to plug into but it can mean that far fewer wires are needed and for our library users it could really mean that they can be wireless. It seems as if developers of gadgets e.g. mobile phones, laptops etc are starting to install the receiving device into the gadget when it is built.  This means that if in the library we had desks that had the chargers installed into them the student could charge their devices without having to remember to bring in/carry their chargers and they could charge several devices at the same time. 

This You Tube video also has some nice footage of how wireless chargers are being used (so if the device doesn’t have a receiver already installed you can buy a cover for your device that has a receiver within it):http://youtu.be/IstnSZhtkq4

This video also gives some useful information about the history of this technology with an example of how it could be used to power a television (useful for those who hang TVs on the wall): http://youtu.be/MgBYQh4zC2Y

Post by : Lisa Anderson

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