Have QR codes had their day?

I read this interesting article on QR codes in the Metro yesterday: http://tinyurl.com/czmn4ymBasically, it suggested that although QR codes can be really useful, their use by marketing folks is often badly thought out and difficult to use, which long term may put people off using QR codes.  Examples given were of QR codes:

  • On the London Underground where there’s no internet signal
  • On billboards: too small or far away to be scanned or by the side of a motorway!
  • Not linking to mobile friendly webpages

It’s a short article and well worth a read.  One of the interesting things was the assertion that QR codes were likely to be replaced by mobile visual search (MVS) tools such as Google Goggles and Blippar which actually read the environment rather than a piece of code.  However, as one of the comments to the article notes, QR code generation is free whilst MVS currently isn’t.

QR codes may be subject to a great deal of misuse, but I think they’re here to stay.

Post by: Sarah Pittaway

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One Response to Have QR codes had their day?

  1. jmcorc says:

    There is good use of them on London buses. Scan the code on the bus stop, enter the bus stop number and it tells you when the next buses are due!

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