Apps I couldn’t live without

I’ve come to the smartphone arena pretty late, getting my first one earlier this year.  However, I have to say it’s revolutionised my life.  So here’s my list of apps that I just couldn’t live without:

Evernote – kind of an online portfolio.  I have it synced across my phone and home and work PCs.  What I like is that it’s basically a dumping ground for any thoughts I may have about anything related to work or play.  You can tag items for ease of finding, add files, pictures, web clippings, and so on.  Really useful.

Astrid – my task list of choice.  Again, syncs across all my devices with a cloud version too.  I particularly like the encouraging little messages it gives you as reminders.

Dropbox – access to all my secure documents on my phone.

KeePass – an amazing piece of kit.  I’ve had it on my PC for ages but I now have the app too which stores all your passwords securely behind some fairly serious encryption algorithms.  No more being locked out of anything for me!

And here’s one that’s not an essential but is just rather lovely: Historypin.  This uses your GPS to locate where you are and gives you historical pictures in the vicinity.

Post by: Sarah Pittaway

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